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The Civil War Day by Day Debuts

What was happening in the South 150 years ago on any given date during the Civil War?

A website posting just that has made its debut.

The Civil War Day by Day, drawing on the vast holdings of the Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library, will present samples of the Civil War’s documentary remains every day for the next four years.

The chronicle begins at the war’s outbreak, the first military engagement at Fort Sumter, S.C., on April 12, 1861. It will continue through April 9, 2015, 150th anniversary of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender.

The four years of war will be recounted through pamphlets, books, photographs, sheet music, letters, diaries, telegrams, order books, and much more, as these items are found in the Library’s stacks and reading rooms. Readers will be invited to walk with those who lived the war, and are encouraged to share their own reflections about these documents and their significance a century and a half after the war.

For information about the Civil War Day by Day and Wilson Library’s Civil War collections and archives, contact the library staff at (919) 962-3765 or

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