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Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years of the Carolina Alumni Review

An exhibit of Carolina Alumni Review covers and page spreads is now on view in the Wilson Special Collections Library to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the magazine.

The Alumni Review, a publication of the General Alumni Association (GAA), debuted in October 1912.

To mark the centennial, 35 enlarged covers and five page spreads are on display in the first floor corridor of Wilson Library.

The covers on view include the magazine’s first issue, featuring a drawing of Caldwell Hall, which opened in 1912. Other covers highlight iconic photos of the campus, as well as articles covering key events in University history, such as the admission of UNC’s first African-American undergraduates, the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on Chapel Hill, the 2005 NCAA basketball championship, and the University’s response to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Through an agreement with the Library, the Alumni Review’s complete archive has also been digitized and is available online on the GAA site. Issues from the most recent five years are available to GAA members only, as a benefit of membership; earlier issues are open to anyone.

The exhibit is sponsored by the University Library and the General Alumni Association and will be on view indefinitely.

For exhibit information, contact Wilson Library, or (919) 962-3765.

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