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Library Exam-Week Activities Promote Balance, Fun

Students seeking relief from exam-time stress can find comfort and distraction in campus libraries.

The R.B. House Undergraduate Library has partnered with UNC Academic Advising and Campus Health Initiatives for Students’ Emerging Lifestyles (CHISEL) to create the “Week of Balance.” Other campus libraries will also offer special exam-time diversions.

Below is the full schedule for Fall 2012. Campus libraries will offer extended hours for reading and exam days.

Good luck with exams, everyone!

Thursday, Dec. 6

Friday, Dec. 7

Saturday, Dec. 8

Sunday, Dec. 9

Monday, Dec. 10

Tuesday, Dec. 11

  • Project Sunshine: Card making for children with medical challenges: 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. (205 Undergraduate Library)*

Wednesday, Dec. 12

* Denotes an official “Week of Balance” event, sponsored by Campus Health Initiatives for Students’ Emerging Lifestyles (CHISEL), UNC Academic Advising, and the R.B. House Undergraduate Library.


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