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Library Honors Outstanding Employees of 2012

Photo of outstanding employee winners

Left to right: Jan Paris (honorable mention); Sarah Michalak, University Librarian; Greg Jansen, outstanding employee of 2012; and Melissa Salvanish (honorable mention)

The University Library has awarded its 2012 Outstanding Employee Award to Greg Jansen of the Library Systems department. Honorable mentions went to Jan Paris of the Conservation Lab in the Wilson Special Collections Library and Melissa Salvanish of the Undergraduate Library.

The award, presented at a Feb. 12 gathering for Library staff, honors a University Library employee for excellence in one or more of the following categories: Community Service Activity, Commitment and Dependability, Creativity and Innovation, and Teamwork and Leadership.

Greg Jansen, Applications Analyst, was recognized as the 2012 Outstanding Employee for his teamwork, commitment, and creative work on the Carolina Digital Repository (CDR), a digital archive for materials produced by members of the UNC community. During the past 18 months, Greg has offered workshops in Scotland, Canada, and in the Triangle area about his work on the Curator’s Workbench, a utility designed to prepare data files and metadata for the repository. Recently, Greg was named a member of the technical team for the Academic Preservation Trust Advisory Group. Thanks in large part to Greg’s work, UNC is nationally recognized as a leader in the digital preservation of research data and cultural history.

Jan Paris
, Conservator for Special Collections at the Wilson Special Collections Library, was nominated for her creativity, commitment, and teamwork in managing the four-year Wilson Library sprinkler installation project. Jan served as the primary Library contact with UNC Facilities, the architect, and the contractors, ensuring that the project was done according to specifications and carrying out the relocation of collections to minimize the inconvenience to users through the process. Throughout the project, Jan displayed a talent for clear and timely communication and a remarkable blend of practicality and imagination.

Melissa Salvanish, Acquisitions/Facilities/Circulation Supervisor at the Undergraduate Library, was recognized for her dependability, teamwork, and creativity. Melissa works to ensure that the Undergraduate Library is a safe and welcoming environment and that facilities work is completed in a timely, non-disruptive manner. Melissa encourages student employees and colleagues to identify issues in need of attention and to share information openly. Her innovative suggestions have made workflows more efficient and improved communication, including transforming the UL reserves hold process in a way that has resulted in reductions in delivery time and duplication and lessened patron frustration.

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