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Librarian Receives Grant to Preserve Tibetan Religious Manuscripts


Tsakli, or handmade colorfully-illustrated initiation cards employed in various rituals, are part of the collection to be preserved.

Edward Proctor, a librarian at Duke University who also works to develop South Asian studies collections for the UNC Libraries, has received a major grant from the British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme.

The grant will fund the digitization and preservation of a collection of ancient religious manuscripts related to Bön, the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet. Once digitized, the manuscripts will be made available online through the British Library.

“These unique documents already escaped destruction once, during the excesses of the Cultural Revolution,” said Proctor, Duke’s librarian for South and Southeast Asia. “But there is still a risk that they could disappear…. Thanks to this grant from the Endangered Archives Programme, it will now be possible to ensure [their] long-term survival.”

To learn more about the grant and the digitization project, visit the Duke Library News blog.

Courtesy of Duke University Library

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