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Library Employee Tapped for Order of Golden Fleece

UNC Library employee Shane Hale has been inducted into the Order of the Golden Fleece. Photograph by Jay Mangum.

UNC Library employee Shane Hale has been inducted into the Order of the Golden Fleece, Carolina’s oldest honor society. Photograph by Jay Mangum.

Eight years after leaving the military, UNC Library employee Shane Hale works tirelessly to make life better for veterans at the University. Now, in recognition of his efforts, Shane has become one of the most recent inductees into Carolina’s oldest honor society, the Order of the Golden Fleece.

The Order selects members on the basis of service to the University, as reflected in scholarship, motivation, creativity, loyalty, and leadership in academic and extracurricular pursuits. Those selected must possess exemplary character and can include juniors, seniors, graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni who have made significant, lasting contributions to the University.

Shane (UNC B.A. 2011) has worked at the Library since 2012, while devoting much of his personal time to developing support structures and providing mentorship for veterans as they transition to civilian and student life.

“I would really like to see Carolina go beyond just military-friendly to really be the institution of choice for veterans in the U.S.,” Shane told Synapse, a UNC student publication. “That’s my goal. That’s my dream.”

Shane’s citation from the Order of the Golden Fleece reads:

For his exemplary dedication and selfless service to Carolina’s student veterans. As a student at Carolina, Shane recognized the dearth of support and resources for veterans and other non-traditional students. He was instrumental in the creation of the Carolina Veterans Organization in late 2013, also stepping on as the staff advisor to support all student veterans transitioning to campus life. Shane has since transformed the academic and personal experiences of student veterans to where they feel welcomed by a community of non-traditional and traditional students alike at UNC. […] His service is not limited to Carolina, for he also connects Carolina’s veterans with organizations in the community such as the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Perhaps his greatest accomplishment has been the students he has helped adjust to life at Carolina and seen through to their respective graduations and their success beyond Carolina. For these and other accomplishments, the Order of the Golden Fleece proudly taps Shane Hale.

Congratulations, Shane!

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