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2017 Journals Review

UPDATE May 2, 2017: The journals review period has now ended. This survey is no longer available for input.


The UNC Libraries seek input from the campus community in conducting a journals review this spring. Our goal is to ensure that every subscription dollar is purchasing information important for research, teaching, learning, and clinical practice.

In the coming year, we anticipate having to cancel some subscriptions. Library staff will combine feedback we receive from you with data about cost and use in order to set subscription priorities.

Take the UNC Journals Survey

  1. Go to the survey and select your subject area(s).
  2. For each title, select the option that best reflects your research, teaching, or other needs: “Can cancel,” “Keep if possible,” or “Must keep.”
  3. Use the comment box to share additional information that you would like us to know. Examples might include how you use a journal in teaching, research, program development, or patient care.

As you make recommendations, keep in mind that, even if we cancel a journal, you will continue to have library access to the archive of older content. If you only need an occasional article from a given journal, UNC’s libraries offer interlibrary borrowing and Carolina BLU document delivery at no charge to you.

Please complete the survey by May 1, 2017.

How we will use this information

We are reviewing subscriptions at this time for three purposes.

First, the libraries at UNC periodically conduct such reviews to be sure that we have best aligned subscription dollars with high-priority materials.

Second, along with the entire campus, we await news about the state budget. Reviewing journals now allows us to gather feedback and make thoughtful decisions should budget reductions force journal cancellations.

Finally, the Health Sciences Library (HSL) has in the past used one-time funding to protect some ongoing subscriptions. Those funds are now exhausted, necessitating a comprehensive review of serial titles. Considering HSL and other library subscriptions together provides a holistic picture of campus information needs to inform strategic decisions.

To learn more

For questions or comments, we invite you to contact a library administrator:

  • Health Affairs affiliates: Nandita Mani, Associate University Librarian and Director of the Health Sciences Library (, 919-966-2114).
  • All others: Joe Williams, Interim Associate University Librarian for Collections and Services (, 919-962-1301).



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