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Wilson Library Invites Commencement Visitors for Open House May 11

Commencement visitors can step back in time during an open house at the Wilson Special Collections Library on Saturday, May 11. Continue reading

Program Celebrates Recent Additions to Rare Book Collection

On April 9, the UNC Rare Book Collection in the Wilson Special Collections Library will host a display of additions to the Collection from the past two years. Continue reading

Encyclopedic Impulse Exhibition Examines the Quest to Organize Knowledge

The human desire to assemble and organize the world’s information is the inspiration for The Encyclopedic Impulse, an exhibition at UNC’s Wilson Special Collections Library. Continue reading

Mythic Quest for the Universal Library is Topic of Feb. 27 Lecture

UNC professor Ken Hillis will deliver a cautionary tale about humanity’s quest for a universal library. Continue reading

Maya Materials from Rare Book Collection on Exhibit

The remarkable history of the Maya and their culture, as told through rare books, pamphlets, maps, and recent publications, is the topic of an exhibit now on view in the Wilson Special Collections Library at UNC. Continue reading

Symposium, Exhibits Will Examine New Maya Perspectives in 2012

A free public symposium Oct. 25-26 will put the end of the Maya Long Count calender into a larger historical and cultural context that includes the voice of Maya people. Exhibits at Wilson Library and the FedEx global center will anchor the symposium. Continue reading

“Banned and Rare” Readings To Mark First Amendment Day, Oct. 2

Members of the UNC community will read from original editions of banned and censored books in the Wilson Special Collections Library as part of UNC’s fourth annual First Amendment Day celebration on Oct. 2. Continue reading

Fall 2012 Events

The UNC University Library and Friends of the Library announce the Fall 2012 calendar of events. Continue reading

UNC’s Past on View in Wilson Library for Commencement Weekend

An open house in Wilson Library on Saturday, May 12, will take commencement and reunion visitors to UNC’s past. Continue reading

Invention of Scientific Reading is Topic of Apr. 10 Lecture

Adrian Johns, University of Chicago, will deliver a lecture Apr. 10 on the topic of scientific reading. The program will take place in the Wilson Special Collections Library. Continue reading