On Thursday, February 9, 2012, the beloved UNC mascot, Rameses, passed away.

Rameses XVIII (courtesy of the UNC General Alumni Association)

He was the 18th ram to hold this title since the ram was introduced as UNC’s mascot in 1924 by Vic Huggins, UNC’s head cheerleader.  Huggins decided that UNC needed a mascot just like NC State had the wolf and Georgia had the bulldog.  Since Jack Merritt was a star on UNC’s football team and was nicknamed “the battering ram”, Huggins decided that UNC’s mascot should be a ram.  He went to Charles T. Woollen, the university’s business manager, and requested $25 to buy a ram.  They ordered the first ram from Texas.  Over the succeeding years, Rameses has held a special place in the hearts of Tar Heel fans.  Rameses XVIII’s successor is Bam Bam, who will roam the Kenan sidelines as Rameses XIX.

Enjoy these photographs of Rameses over the years (from the UNC-Chapel Hill Image Collection, North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives).


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