Another Caption This! Contest

From the records of the Institute of Latin American Studies (#40089) comes this week’s funny photo and another opportunity for a Caption This! caption contest.

Department members got a behind-the-scenes visit with the actors of the Lost Colony.

Department members got a behind-the-scenes visit with the actors of the Lost Colony.

Leave us a note in the comments with your caption suggestion. ¬†You can caption as many or as few of the gentlemen in the picture as you like, but be sure to give your man’s number so we know who you’re captioning! Like last time, we’ll hold a vote for the best captions!

Now let’s see what you’ve got!

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4 Responses to Another Caption This! Contest

  1. Will Arditti says:

    1: The tension in here is tighter than my pants!
    3: Is this supposed to be a candid picture or should I be looking at the camera?
    5: Wait ’til Chief hears about this!

  2. Drew Daniels says:

    Original lineup of the Village People

    - OR -

    CIA agents who infiltrated the KGB, 1958. Two were promptly discovered.

  3. Susie Wold says:

    Harold (5) took the news that he was not at a costume party in stride, while Dwayne (1)
    remained less than amused.

  4. Caroline Miller says:

    1. (I really hope I used sensitive detergent with these tights or else it’s going to be a long night.)
    2. (Maybe if I stare straight ahead, I won’t be tempted to look at his legs, which seem to be screaming from suffocation…)
    3. (I wonder if my wife has a sandwich ready for me when I get home?)
    4. (That man in the dark suit made some comment about what he thinks actually happened to the lost colony. Funny, because I don’t particularly care.)
    5. (Maybe if I smile toward the camera, the public will recognize me as an interesting actor who is passionate about history. Genius.)
    6. You know, they say that the Lost Colony wasn’t actually lost… I found them. You can find out more about my findings of the Lost Colony in my Novel called I Found Them.
    7.(I love that I am a part of this. Life is great. Go Life.)

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