J. Taylor Doggett Collection, 1991-2005.

Creator: Doggett, J. Taylor.
Collection number: 20286
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Abstract: J. Taylor Doggett is a businessman and writer who has extensively researched, among various other interests, the 1950s R&B group the 5 Royales, swing bandleaders, and musicians associated with the University of North Carolina. He lives in Greensboro, N.C. The collection consists of three series: 5 Royales Materials; UNC Bandleaders Materials; and Other R&B, Jazz, and Doo Wop Materials. The Five Royales series documents Doggett’s extensive research and collecting efforts relating to the Winston-Salem, N.C., R&B vocal group of that name and the careers of constituent members Lowman Pauling, Clarence Paul, Curtis Pauling, Obadiah Carter, Johnny Tanner, Eugene Tanner, Otto Jeffries, and William Samuels. There is also music of the Royal Sons, EL Pauling and the Royalton, and the Charlie Little Jazz Ferguson Orchestra. The UNC Bandleaders series reflects Doggett’s interest in sweet jazz bandleaders associated with the University of North Carolina, including Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Skinnay Ennis, and John Scott Trotter. Also in this series are other performers, including Kyser’s College of Musical Knowledge, Harry Babbitt, Merwyn Bogue (Ish Kabibble), Libby Holman, Georgia Carroll Kyser, Ginny Simms, and Bo Thorpe. The 5 Royales and UNC Bandleaders series both include audio and video recordings, printed materials, and correspondence. The Other R&B, Doo Wop, Jazz, and Blues Materials series contains printed materials and recordings that reflect Doggett’s broader musical interests.

Repository: Southern Folklife Collection