Person family papers, 1728-1907.

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Abstract: Person family members included Thomas Person (1733-1800), North Carolina Revolutionary leader, born in Brunswick County, Va., but resident from infancy in Granville County, N.C. He became a surveyor for Lord Granville, and, over the years, he acquired a large estate in North Carolina and Tennessee. He became a justice of the peace in 1756, sheriff in 1762, and was representative in the Assembly in 1764 and frequently thereafter. When the Revolution began, he was elected a general of militia and again made a justice of the peace in 1776. He was a member of the House of Commons from 1777 to 1786, 1788 to 1791, 1793 to 1795, and in 1797 and a member of the Senate in 1787 and 1791. In 1760, Thomas Person married Johanna Thomas of Granville County. They had no children. Thomas Person’s brother was William Person Jr. Eliza Person Mitchell, wife of Warrenton, N.C., merchant Peter Mitchell, was probably his granddaughter. Letters, bills, receipts, deeds, and other papers, chiefly 1800-1825, of the Person family, large landowners and political leaders of Granville County, N.C., and nearby counties. Included are land grants, deeds, and other papers, 1739-1800, of William Person and his son, Thomas Person, pertaining to the surveying and sale of land in North Carolina and Tennessee; papers, 1801-1807, concerning Thomas Person’s estate; letters, 1801-1804, from Thomas Dillon to William Person, regarding the administration of lands in Tennessee; deeds and indentures, 1798-1827, of William and Benjamin Eaton Person; and accounts, 1821-1824, of William Person with the general merchandise firm of Mitchell and White. Also included are school reports, 1810-1812, of Eliza A. Person and Benjamin Person; the wills, 1803 and 1820, of Benjamin Eaton Person, son of Thomas Person’s brother William, and Thomas H. Person, William’s grandson; Richard I. Person’s 1825 license to practice law in Tennessee; scattered papers, 1796, 1801, and 1822, pertaining to the sale and hiring out of slaves; papers, 1847-1851, concerning the estate of Peter Mitchell; and a letter, 1907, from R. C. Person to Laura Mitchell. Also included are two albums, probably of Eliza A. Person Mitchell in Warren County, N.C., 1820-1824 and 1831-1839, with poems copied from various sources and two housekeeping books, 1833-1857 and 1885, containing recipes, records of dyeing wool and other household tasks, slave birth records, records of clothes and blankets given to slaves, and other activities.

Repository: Southern Historical Collection

Collection Highlights: Included are scattered papers pertaining to the sale and hiring-out of slaves (1796, 1801, 1822) in Folders 1, 3, and 6. Also included is a housekeeping book in Folder 10 that lists slave birth records (1833-1857); and records of clothes and blankets given to slaves (1833-1844).

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