Popular CDR Content in Summer 2019

We’ve had a great summer at the CDR! After launching our new platform in June, we’ve seen a lot of interest in the repository’s content, particularly in our dissertations, theses and masters’ papers. Here is a list of the most downloaded works from June 5, 2019 through August 31, 2019:

  1. Predicting the Difficulty of Trivia Questions Using Text Features by Emma Boettcher
  2. The Conceptualization of Depression and Acculturative Stress among Latino Immigrants: A Comparison of Scores from Non-Hispanic Whites and Persons of Mexican Origin on the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale – Revised (CESD-R) by Tasanee Walsh
  3. Jewish priests and the social history of post-70 Palestine by Matthew Grey
  4. The Complications of Liberty: Free People of Color in North Carolina from the Colonial Period through Reconstruction by Warren Milteer
  5. Filled-in vs. Outline Icons: The Impact of Icon Style on Usability by Curtis Arledge
  6. A Performance Evaluation of the LifeStraw: a Personal Point-of-Use Water Purifier for the Developing World by Adam Russell Walters
  7. The Iconography and Use of Minoan versus Mycenaean Wall Painting by Sarah Hilker
  8. Knowledge Management (KM) Requires Records Management: The Role of Retention Schedules in Businesses with KM Programs by Daniel Anderson
  9. The effect of sleep quality and sleep quantity on concussion assessment by Eric Lengas
  10. An Index of Walking by Ben Alper

We are excited to see such an interest in UNC’s scholarship!

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