Resources on Policing and Protests in the CDR

The list below contains dissertations, masters theses, masters papers and honors theses in the CDR which address policing and protest movements. Although the list is not exhaustive, we hope that it will provide a starting point for those who wish to better understand current events.  



Analysis of Police Use of Force in the New York Stop and Frisk Policy by Ishrat Zarin Alam (2015). 

Black to Blue and White to Fright: Examining the Importance of Minority Representation for Racial Profiling in Policing by Kevin Roach (2017). 

How Media Covered Police Shootings During and After Ferguson: Framing Analysis of Officer-Involved Shootings In 2014 and 2016 by Grace Ketron (2019). 

Policing the Post-Racial: Visual Rhetorics of Racial Backlash by James McVey (2018). 

Racial Disparities in Law Enforcement Traffic Stops: Measurement, Interpretation and Intervention Possibilities by Michael Dolan Fliss (2019). 

Ten Days in Ferguson: Examining the Performance of Repressing an Uprising by Meghan Watts (2019). 

A Visual Analysis of Phases of Police Brutality Against Unarmed African Americans From 1979 to 2014 by Olivia Dorsey (2015). 



Disciplining Disruption: Regulation and Surveillance of Public Spaces of Protest by Billie Murray (2010). 

Mediated memory: framing and sustaining collective memory of the 1967 Milwaukee race riots in contemporary and retrospective newspaper coverage by Kristin Simonetti (2008). 

Peace to Violence: Explaining the Violent Escalation of Nonviolent Demonstrations by Daniel Gustafson (2016). 

Reclaiming the University of the People: Racial Justice Movements at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1951-2018 by Charlotte Taylor Fryar (2019). 

Signs of Protest: The Moral Monday Activist Identity by Nicole Welsh (2014). 

Visualizing the Red Summer: a collection of primary source material about the race riots of 1919 by Karen Sieber (2015). 


If you are interested in primary sources on these topics, please browse the Digital Collections Repository. 

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