Accessibility Remediation Request

The CDR accepts many file formats created by a wide range of campus groups. Therefore, not all files in the repository will be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. The University Libraries can provide remediated, accessible versions of CDR content upon request. 

To request a remediated version of CDR content that is accessible to persons with disabilities, fill out the form belowPlease note that the CDR team can only accommodate requests for content in the CDR. Remediation requests will generally be completed within one work week. However, requests for multiple files or formats may take longer.

If you have other needs, please use our Contact Us form.

Accessibility Request

  • Please include a link to the content that you would the CDR team to remediate.
  • Select a type of remediation that you would like the CDR team to perform. If selecting "Other", please provide specifics in the "Other Information" box below.