Collection Owner Roles and Responsibilities

The Carolina Digital Repository (CDR) provides space for any University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) group to showcase their research and scholarship.  A group may refer to a college, school, department, program, institute, unit or center.  Each group who has established a collection must assign a coordinator who can work with CDR staff, set policies and answer student questions.  In the absence of a Collection Owner, content is managed by the Institutional Repository Librarian. 
Groups who do not already have a collection and would like to establish one should contact the Institutional Repository Librarian at cdr(at) 

Responsibilities of Collection Owners 

  • Submit and describe content 
  • Establish and follow a deposit workflow for the collection 
  • Decide on collection policies and guidelines (within the CDR guidelines and policies) and communicate guidelines to depositors 
  • Obtain depositor consent to the non-exclusive license agreement if the established workflow does not include self-deposit 
  • Notify CDR staff of organizational changes that will affect submission 
  • Understand and follow University, state and federal policies related to the CDR and communicate polices to community depositors.  These polices include, but are not limited to, the Open Access PolicySensitive Information, and copyright law. 

Responsibilities of the CDR 

  • Retain and preserve submitted content according to the Preservation policy 
  • Perform system support, troubleshooting and upgrades as deemed necessary by CDR staff 
  • Provide access to submitted content in accordance with collection agreement 
  • Refuse or remove content as outlined in the Collection Development and Withdrawal policies 
  • Transfer content of collection back to Collection Owner or the University Archives if the CDR should cease to exist 
  • Assess and modify collection metadata to comply with CDR and University Library standards 

Rights of the University 

  • Set policies at the University-level that may affect the CDR