Please click on the words below to see definitions for commonly-used CDR terms. If you have questions or would like us to add a definition, please contact us!

Child Work
A work which is related to another work and linked to it in the CDR. For more information about child works, see How to Deposit a Child Work
A group of works. To learn how to set up a collection, see Collections in the CDR.
The act of placing material into the CDR.
DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. It is a string of numbers and letters that is assigned to a work so that the work can be located in perpetuity. For more information about DOIs, see our blog post “Frequently Asked Questions About DOIs.
A period of time during which the work is deposited in the CDR but not accessible to the public. For more information on embargoes, see How Do I Delay Publication of My Work?
Parent Work
A work which has child works linked to it. For more information on parent and child works see How to Deposit a Child Work.
A person who has permission to deposit work to the CDR on your behalf. For more information on adding a proxy and depositing as a proxy, see How to Add and Deposit as a Proxy Depositor.
An online system which collects, describes and preserves your work.
The act of assigning ownership of your work to another user. See How Do I Transfer Ownership of My Work? for more information.
A setting in the CDR which controls who can view and access your work.
An item that has been deposited into the CDR. A work consists of two parts: the information describing the work (metadata) and at lease one file.