Forthcoming CDR Feature: Proxy Deposit

One of the many exciting features forthcoming in the new CDR is proxy deposit. Proxy deposit allows a user to deposit content on behalf of another user. This feature might be useful for:

  • Research assistants who would like to deposit for their faculty
  • Department staff who would like to deposit for their faculty
  • Staff and faculty who would like to deposit on behalf of a PI or co-author

Setting up proxy deposit in the new CDR will be easy.  After the new platform launches, the main user can authorize the proxy user via the “Manage Proxies” interface. Simply navigate to the “Manage Proxies” page and search for the Onyen of the proxy user. After authorization, the proxy user may deposit content via the form as they normally would, but they will now see an option to deposit content on behalf of the main user’s Onyen.

visibility and on behalf of box on the Add Work page

To complete the deposit process, simply change the “On behalf of” drop-down menu to the appropriate Onyen and click “Save.” The content will be deposited in the CDR, but will appear as if it has been deposited by the main user.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new CDR in the coming weeks!


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