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The CDR is now minting DOIs for deposits

Do you need a DOI for your work? The CDR is now minting DOIs automatically for deposits! Our automated DOI minting process runs overnight. Check your work the day after you submit to view your DOI.   Please note that

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Popular CDR Content in Summer 2019

We’ve had a great summer at the CDR! After launching our new platform in June, we’ve seen a lot of interest in the repository’s content, particularly in our dissertations, theses and masters’ papers. Here is a list of the most

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August 2019 CDR Updates

After the successful launch of the new CDR, we’ve been hard at work on exciting new features! Date Slider On the CDR results page, the date limiter now includes a slider which enables filtering by a specific year or a

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CDR hosts RTI Press Books

The CDR is pleased to announce that we are hosting books from RTI Press! RTI is “an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition” based in Research Triangle Park. They maintain close ties to UNC in research

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Welcome to the new CDR!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Carolina Digital Repository! On this new platform, you can view scholarly materials such as articles, books, presentations and student papers. Our born-digital special collections are now housed in the Digital

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CDR to Pause Deposits During Migration

The CDR development team is almost ready to launch our new repository platform! To assist with the migration of content from the old platform to the new platform, we are pausing deposits of content from May 28-June 5, 2019.  During this

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Forthcoming CDR Feature: Proxy Deposit

One of the many exciting features forthcoming in the new CDR is proxy deposit. Proxy deposit allows a user to deposit content on behalf of another user. This feature might be useful for: Research assistants who would like to deposit

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New CDR platform reaches feature freeze

We’re celebrating a milestone at the CDR! Last Friday, we reached the feature freeze stage of development of the new CDR platform. This means that we are done adding new features and will start moving existing content to the new

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Update on the New CDR

In November, we wrote about the impending launch of the brand new Carolina Digital Repository. We are launching this new platform so that our scholarly collections will be easier to locate both within the system and to search engines like

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CDR hosts Coates University Leadership Series

In partnership with UNC Press, the CDR is pleased to provide open access to the Coates University Leadership series which publishes works about UNC-Chapel Hill chancellors and presidents. The series is published by UNC Libraries and is edited by Robert G.

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