23 December 1863: “I wish him to proceed to Greenville just as soon as he sends off the property in his charge…”

Item description: Letter, dated 23 December 1863, from Captain C. C. McPhail, issuing orders to the staff of the Confederate States Armory in Asheville, N.C.  A. M. Kitzmiller is ordered to meet with McPhail and continue keeping his “papers and accounts,” while acting military storekeeper Thomas Clayton is ordered to report to Greenville, S. C.

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Item citation: From folder 4 of the Clayton Family Papers, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:


C. S. Armory

Columbia S. C.

Dec: 23rd. 1863

Mr. A. M. Kitzmiller

C. S. Ordnance

Asheville, N.C.

Sir… I wish you to report here as soon as possible; I will leave here temporarily in a few days – say by 1st January & wish to see you before I leave.  If you arrive after I have left, work diligently on my papers & accounts. Attend to nothing else until you get them all in form, properly arranged & entered upon my Books… carefully revise & examine Rolls Vouchers and accounts of every description, to find out & correct errors.

Say to Mr. Clayton A. M. S. K. that I wish him to proceed to Greenville just as soon as he sends off the property in his charge & settles up unfinished business.  Upon arriving there, he will superintend the sending on of what may be there.  I wish Mr. May will to come on here.

Very respectfully &c.

C. C. McPhail Capt.

Comm’dg Armory

If Mr. Kitzmiller has left, Mr. Clayton will comply with the instructions which relate to him.

C. C. McP

a copy


A. M. Kitzmiller


C. C. McPhail Capt.

Com’dg C.S. Armory

Columbia S.C.

23 Dec. 1863

Order to report to him at Columbia as soon as possible

[?] T. L. Clayton  A. M. S. K. also to go to Greenville S. C. and send on goods

&c. &c. &c. &c.


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