Black Communities Conference Charrette Activity

Throughout the Community-Driven Archives grant project, our team practiced facilitating charrettes with all our community partners. When UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff across the university began putting together the first Black Communities Conference in 2018, we were excited to host a charrette with conference attendees about the challenges and opportunities of preserving African American cultural heritage around the world.  

Download our charrette activity worksheet as a template or a printable PDF:

Through our relationships with conference organizers, we used the list of registrants to the conference and the conference schedule to build our invitation list. We hosted individuals from community projects as well as scholars and practitioners from larger institutions at our charrette. 

Use the worksheet above to see how we structured our charrette during the Black Communities Conference.

How can a charrette support a community archive project?

Our team used charrettes to support project planning for a local group’s community archives project. This exercise supports a fledgling project in brainstorming, networking, and connecting with community members.