Artifact Care Kit

The artifact care kit accommodates communities focused on three dimensional or museum items (quilts, trophies, clothing, furniture etc.) for their collective memory.

Tools: Journal, unbuffered acid free tissue, gloves, cotton twill, paper envelopes, ethafoam sheets, fiberglass mesh, muslin fabric, acid free pens, paint brushes, and a soft lead pencil

Community Example: In their partnership with the SHC, the Hobson City Museum received training from UNC libraries staff on how to clean, handle, store, and inventory artifact items such as plaques, textiles, trophies, and photographs ( Through artifact care trainings and community workshops, the staff of the Hobson City Museum created an easy-to-follow artifact care guide. The museum continues to preserve and display vital artifacts that index the history of Hobson as the first incorporated black municipality in Alabama and the second in the nation.