How to Get an Archivist in a Backpack II Kit

If you’re interested in joining Archivist in a Backpack part II, here is some guidance for how to receive your kit. 

  1. Fill and submit this Google request form:
  2. An SHC staff member will review your form for alignment with our program values
  3. Once your is approved, our team will coordinate shipping and offer opportunities practice and share your archival work 

Reflecting again on this post-grant phase, AiaB II will be guided less by SHC staff and more by the requests and interests of community partners. Ideally, AiaB II community partners will foster a network of allies when roadblocks arise. Often, the labor of love to maintain a community archive or to preserve underrepresented populations is a “second shift” to the demands of daily life. The staff in the SHC value the growth and catharsis that comes from sharing space with other creative minds engaging in a care-focused approach to preservation, knowledge justice, and expanding collective memory.