Our Team

Team Members

María R. Estorino, Principal Investigator 
Chaitra Powell, Project Director 
Biff Hollingsworth, Co-Investigator 
Charlissa Rice, Business Services Coordinator 
Sonoe Nakasone, Community Archivist 
Kimber Heinz, Outreach Coordinator 
Alex Paz Cody, Graduate Research Assistant 
Gillian McCuistion, Graduate Research Assistant 
Lidia Jo Morris, Graduate Research Assistant  

Members of the CDA team meet at the Wilson Special Collections Library, December 2019. Courtesy CDAT

Past Team Members

Bryan Giemza, Principal Investigator
Josephine McRobbie, Community Archivist
Bernetiae Reed, Project Documentarian and Oral Historian
Eldrin Deas, Graduate Research Assistant
Claire Du Laney, Graduate Research Assistant
Brenna Edwards, Graduate Research Assistant
Leah Epting, Graduate Research Assistant
Lucas Kelley, Graduate Research Assistant
Lindsay Terrell, Graduate Research Assistant
Merisa Tomczak, Graduate Research Assistant

Former CDA team members Bernetiae Reed and Josephine McRobbie pause to snap a picture while packing Archivist in a Backpack kits, 2018. Courtesy University Libraries, UNC-Chapel Hill