Archival Skills


When starting a new archival project, it helps to learn few basic skills. Learning how to scan, record, and organize your materials and stories can take you a long way. Our team has created a set of resources to help you get started.

Oral History

Recording oral histories is a great way to kick off a community memory project. We encourage history keepers to plan for your interview by creating consent forms, preparing questions in advance, and getting familiar with your recording equipment. After the interview, a plan for storing the digital files and generating a written transcription of the interview will ensure the long-term viability of the content. 

This introduction to oral history includes tips on how to conduct a powerful interview.

Scanning 2-D Objects

Scanning papers and photographs is a smart way to get a better sense of the materials you have and provides a safe way to review the content of your collection without over-handling fragile items. In addition to a scanning station, you’ll want to come up with a consistent file naming structure and a plan for storing the digital files over time.  

Learn the basics of scanning and organizing your digital files.