Event DateEvent Name
03-13-1931Irish poet George William Russell [pseudo. A. E.] spoke at the University.
03-27-1931The North Carolina General Assembly passed a bill to form the Consolidated University of North Carolina, which consisted of the University of North Carolina (at Chapel Hill), North Carolina State College in Raleigh, and Women's College (at Greensboro). Chapel Hill's Frank Porter Graham became the president of the three-campus system, and Robert Burton House was named as dean of administration at Chapel Hill.
10-12-1931The new Memorial Hall was dedicated. Governor O. Max Gardner and Board of Trustees member John Sprunt Hill spoke at the event.
11-01-1931Student barbers shaved, revived, and dressed a slowly sobering William Faulkner, sending him on his way to speak and read from his works to Phillips Russelläó»s English class meeting near Davie Poplar.
11-11-1931During a ceremony at Kenan Memorial Stadium, the University celebrated the inauguration of Frank Porter Graham as president. Graham served in this office until 1932, when he was named president of the Consolidated University of North Carolina. In 1949, he was appointed by Governor Kerr Scott to fill an unexpired term in the United States Senate.
11-19-1931Invited by playwright Paul Green and sociologist Guy B. Johnson, African-American poet Langston Hughes spoke and read from some of his works at Gerrard Hall. Police were present to discourage efforts to disrupt the event. For more information, see Hughes's description of of his visit, "Color at Chapel Hill" in "The Langston Hughes Reader" (1958).
11-26-1931The Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower was dedicated and rung for the first time.