Event DateEvent Name
02-16-1940William Hayes Ackland died in Washington, DC. His will directed that an art museum be constructed at a southern university for the benefit of the people of the South. Duke University was named as the original recipient, but it refused the bequest because Ackland wanted to be interred in the museum and the stipulation that the funds be managed by trustees in Washington, D.C. After nine years of litigation over the will, the Ackland Trust and resultant Ackland Art Museum were awarded to the University--one of the other schools previously considered by Mr. Ackland.
05-23-1940Students held a large rally in Memorial Hall to protest U.S. involvement in World War II. The anti-war speeches and skits were interrupted when other students, who were in favor of military intervention, threw eggs and fruit onto the stage. The event attracted statewide attention and UNC students were criticized both for their pacifist views in light of growing atrocities in Europe and for their unwillingness to allow free speech on campus.
05-26-1940WUNC made its first AM broadcast as a student-operated station.
11-02-1940The Marching Tar Heels, followed by several hundred UNC alums and fans, paraded down Park Avenue in New York City prior to the UNC-Fordham game at the Polo Grounds.