Event DateEvent Name
03-22-1949Consolidated University of North Carolina president Frank Porter Graham was appointed by Governor W. Kerr Scott to the United States Senate seat vacated by the recently deceased J. Melville Broughton.
03-27-1949With President Frank Porter Graham leaving Chapel Hill to serve out the Senate term of the recently deceased J. Melville Broughton, he and his wife, Marian, held their last traditional Sunday open house at their residence.
05-10-1949The world's first university-based planetarium, the Morehead Planetarium, opened at the University. The building was named for John Motley Morehead, who was an 1891 graduate and major benefactor of the University.
07-09-1949At the first annual summer school Watermelon Festival, held in front of the Davie Poplar, 1,200 people attended and more than 400 watermelons were consumed.