Event DateEvent Name
01-09-1968Jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck premiered his oratorio "The Light in the Wilderness" in Hill Hall.
02-16-1968Following the slaying of three African Americans by police in Orangeburg, South Carolina, the Black Student Movement staged a march and rally at the Franklin Street post office.
02-19-1968The United States Fourth Circuit Court ruled against the Speaker Ban Law, which denied speaking privileges on state-supported campuses to any person who was a Communist Party member, advocated the overthrow of the United States government, or had pleaded the Fifth Amendment in regards to Communist activities.
03-18-1968University students and faculty protested the campus visit of a job recruiter for Dow Chemical Company, the maker of napalm and herbicides used by the United States military in Vietnam. Fifteen protestors were arrested for attempting to block the entrance to Gardner Hall, where the recruiter was located.
03-27-1968A three-day homecoming for Carolina Playmakers alumni/alumnae was held.
04-09-1968Protesting what they believed was a lack of respect on the part of the University following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., 90% of the University's African American workers walked off the job.
09-26-1968University students formed a chapter of the Southern Student Organizing Committee, with 150 individuals attending its first meeting.
11-21-1968In an event sponsored by the University's Black Student Movement, Black Panther prime minister Stokely Carmichael spoke to a crowd of 6500 individuals at Carmichael Auditorium.
12-11-1968Students from the Black Student Movement present Chancellor Carlyle Sitterson with a list of 23 demands addressing institutional racism at UNC.
12-20-1968The movie "Three in the Attic," which was filmed primarily in Chapel Hill, was released.