Today’s category for the #TarGramChallenge is #Roomies. While many of you are thinking about the fun activities you do with your roommates, like maybe you played mini-golf at the Undergrad Library back in August, or are going to rent a movie (FOR FREE) at the MRC in the UL. But what about those more creative endeavors you do? The Eli Young band started as roommates before their first hit, “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” scored number one on the country charts. David Farrell, a.k.a. Phoenix, and Brad Delson of Linkin Park were roommates before they were bandmates. Especially now, where it’s so easy to write a song and upload it to YouTube and have your creative expression for everyone to see and hear, who owns the copyright?

Assuming you haven’t signed it away, you both do.

If someone wants to copy you music, use it for a film, or put it in a movie, then only one of you has to grant permission under the copyright law. However, you might want to ask your joint author anyway. Good manners and a good plan are always helpful. If you have questions about how to share a copyright with your roommate or co-author, whether it’s a new musical hit or an academic article, come and talk to us in the Scholarly Communications Office! We’re here to help, and we don’t want something as silly as the law to come between you and your new bestie.