Treat you Self!

Today for the TarGram Challenge is “Treat you self.” For many of us, treating ourselves involves pop music, light fiction, or so bad they’re good movies. There are a lot of great places to treat you self within the University Libraries! You can use Spotify to stream or Itunes to download music. You can check out Graphic novels from the SILS library. Did you know you can even check out movies from the Media Resources Center on campus? Anything we don’t have, you can always request through Interlibrary Loan! But the one thing you can’t do is download it illegally.

UNC has a Data Network and Acceptable Use Policy. If you are caught downloading on campus, your use could be suspended, you can be academically disciplined, or even expelled because of illegal downloading on UNC’s campus. Downloading illegally is a violation of the Copyright Code, and UNC is required to have a policy to prevent illegal file sharing and enforce it.

There are many alternatives to illegal downloading.  Some bands will release their entire album for free, like Radiohead did in 2007 with their album In Rainbows. Some items are available in the public domain and thus available for free, like the transcriptions that Project Gutenberg has made available. If you have a question about file sharing or anything else, come and talk to us in the Scholarly Communications Office! We would rather help you upfront then see you expelled because you downloaded rather the purchased “All About That Bass.”