Morton collection on UNC-TV, 7/29

Be sure to tune in to North Carolina Now, UNC-TV’s nightly news program, tomorrow (Tuesday 7/29) at 7:30pm, for a feature on our work with the Hugh Morton collection. Thanks to Rob Holliday and other folks at UNC-TV for this great publicity!
And while you’re at it, check out UNC-TV’s Biographical Conversations with Hugh Morton (watchable online).
UPDATE 8/11/08: The UNC-TV piece is available, at least temporarily, on the UNC-TV website.

3 thoughts on “Morton collection on UNC-TV, 7/29”

  1. Thanks Elizabeth for the heads up on on the “North Carolina Now” segment. I really enjoyed it. It was well written and produced and I am really glad to see you and Stephen get credit for all your good work.

  2. Stephen, Elizabeth, and David:
    I enjoyed UNC-TV’s encore presentation of the Morton Collection on “North Carolina Now” last night. Glad to see you guys get the recognition you truly deserve.

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