Camera Clinic this weekend

Grandfather Mountain Camera Clinic, circa 1950s-early 1960s
This coming weekend (August 16-17) is the annual Grandfather Mountain Camera Clinic, founded by Morton in 1952 as a networking and educational opportunity for photojournalistsand one of the events that helped earn him the titles of “photographer’s photographer” and “the father of N.C. photojournalism education.”
From the Grandfather website: “A freelance newspaper photographer himself, Morton wanted to know more about his craft and thought other photojournalists from around the region would enjoy the opportunity to learn as well. He began by inviting nationally prominent photojournalists to come to Grandfather Mountain to share information and inspiration with their Carolina counterparts. For many years the Carolinas Press Photographers Association held its annual meeting at this event, and although the NCCPA no longer sponsors the Clinic, many of its members continue to attend faithfully.”
On a related note, two photographers have been named 2007 “Hugh Morton Photographers of the Year” by the North Carolina Press Association: (Ethan Hyman of the News & Observer and Derek Anderson of the Independent Weekly). Visit the award’s Web page to see samples of their work!

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  1. Elizabeth:
    Your post for August 15th brings to mind one of my favorite Hugh Morton stories. He told this one at Charles Kuralt’s memorial service in Chapel Hill in July of 1997.
    Kuralt loved to visit Grandfather Mountain…it was a great escape from the hurried lifestyle he faced when he had to be in his CBS office in New York. On this particular Sunday Kuralt was wrapping up a Mountain weekend and was getting ready to drive to the airport for his return flight to New York. As Hugh and Charles chatted in the Grandfather Mountain parking lot, a station wagon pulled in. In it were mom, dad, and a couple of kids. Mom recognized Kuralt immediately and walked over and introduced herself. Then the kids ran over wanting an autograph. Finally dad ambled over. Dad had around his neck one of these little disposable cameras that you can buy at the drugstore for a couple of bucks. He asked if he could take a picture of the group. All agreed… then he had a better idea…he would like to be in the picture as well. He turned to Hugh and asked if he would take the picture. Hugh said of course. It was at this point that dad thought it necessary to explain to Hugh how to use this point-and-shoot, no-focus-required-camera. Kuralt burst out laughing and said: “Sir you obviously don’t know who you are talking to, but telling Hugh Morton how to take a picture would be like me telling Van Gogh how to paint a portrait”.

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