Mother's Day Montage

When we were little, Mom was always there with a cuddle, piece of advice, or milk and cookies. Sometimes Mom was more annoying and embarrassing than helpful. She was always trying to get that stray hair back in place or the smudges off our cheeks.

Mom taught us manners and how to be polite. Little things like chewing with your mouth closed and sharing with your brother. And even if we didn’t then, we do chew with our mouths closed now.

Mom taught us to be inquisitive explorers. Everything was a new toy to play with. We would take things apart to find out exactly how they worked. Sometimes we got in trouble because we couldn’t put them back together or played with stuff we weren’t supposed to. But, Mom still loved us.

Bath time was always an adventure! It was usually a fight to get us in the tub. There was always something better to do, and our dirt was a symbol of our adventures. But once we were in, it was sometimes a struggle to get us out. Mom probably got cleaner than we did.

We can look back now and laugh at those stressful events. Like the time we were trying to get that family portrait. Mom kept yelling at us because we were making funny faces and playing rather than looking our best. There was never a picture that caught all of our good sides.

We’ve been through a lot and come out stronger than before. Nothing could come between us, even those awkward teenage years with crazy hairstyles and weird fashions. Some of those looks only a mother could love.

Mom has always been there through everything: the good, bad, sad, and disgusting. So thank you, Mom, for all that you do. You are the most important figure in our world, and we love you more than anything else.

6 thoughts on “Mother's Day Montage”

  1. Sorry. That has to be the least attractive picture of a mother deer and faun that Hugh ever took. It is hard for me to believe he took it.

  2. I completely agree, Julia. Hugh took some beautiful pictures of mama deer and their fawns. But when I saw this picture it reminded me of my mom licking her fingers and trying to glue down my brother’s cowlick as he struggled to get away. That’s what I was trying to capture. These might not all be the prettiest pictures, but they tell a story.

  3. Oh what a lovely book this would make. Mothers everywhere would love it. Hugs to you, Amber. This brought back such great memories. Now, go clean your room! 😉

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