March Madness (on V2H, at least)

P081_NTBR2_002047_25Let’s face it — us fans of Tar Heel men’s basketball need something to distract us from the season currently underway.
Since we’re unlikely to experience any actual March Madness this year, we’ll have to create our own on “A View to Hugh.”
How about a refresher course in Carolina basketball glories past, courtesy Art Chansky and Hugh Morton? That’s right, our latest Worth 1,000 Words essay, entitled The Tar Heels’ ‘White House Photographer’ is now available!
Chansky, well-known as the chief chronicler of Carolina Basketball, is the author of such books as March To the Top (1982), Return To the Top (1983), and his latest, entitled Light Blue Reign: How a City Slicker, a Quiet Kansan, and a Mountain Man Built College Basketball’s Longest-lasting Dynasty (2009). We’re thrilled to have him as part of Worth 1,000 Words.
We hope our latest essay makes you fans feel a bit better . . . while Coach Smith and James Worthy might look upset in the above photo, they’d actually just won the national championship! It’s only a matter of time before the Heels are “on top” once again.

2 thoughts on “March Madness (on V2H, at least)”

  1. only a matter of time you say?. . . eh. all i can say is “go pack” (and at least you still had us to beat up on this year).

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