Back on Veteran’s Day, I hinted that I would be writing more about timelines in a future post.  That time has arrived with today’s post.

Morton UNC years timeline
Clicking on this image will take you to the Timelines page.

During the past year or so, I’ve been using a software product called Timeline 3D to construct visual representations for various phases of Hugh Morton’s photographic career.  I found myself going back frequently to those timelines during the past few weeks, and their usefulness reminded me that I should make good on the idea of making the timelines available on the blog.
The thing about the timelines, though, is that I revise them as I discover something new.  If simply presented as blog posts, the timelines would get lost as the weeks and months passed by.  So, similar to the essays, the timelines will be available on a separate page with links to a PDF document for each timeline.  Clicking on the Timeline tab in the menu bar above will take you to the page where the timelines will be listed.
The first timeline to be published is “The UNC Years”; I hope to have a “World War II” timeline up soon. After I have “enough” new entries for a specific timeline, I’ll update the online version.  My goal with the timelines isn’t to capture each and every detail, but certainly the highlights and enough variety to paint a representative picture of the period.
A you look, you will see that not everything in a timeline is totally resolved.  They are meant to be works in progress, a tool to help resolve uncertainties as well as sequence the known events.  Do you know of an event that should be included?  Do you see a mistake or a discrepancy?  Please send it along via a comment and I’ll build it into the appropriate timeline.

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