Another presidential visit to UNC

John F. Kennedy at UNC speaking in Kenan Stadium on University Day, October 12, 1961
John F. Kennedy speaking in Kenan Stadium, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, on University Day, October 12, 1961

There is a buzz around the UNC Chapel Hill campus with today’s visit of President Barack Obama.  The line to enter Carmichael Arena already wraps from the entrance eastward along the playing fields to Country Club Road and then back westward along South Road. I suspect Hugh Morton would have been here with cameras in hand, just as he was for President John F. Kennedy’s visit on University Day on October 12, 1961 and President Bill Clinton speech during UNC’s bicentennial on University Day of October 12, 1993.  I got my ticket yesterday so I could make photographs for the collection during the “Remarks by President Obama” event.  I’m sure Hugh Morton would have been closer to the dais than I’ll be.
To mark today’s occasion, here’s an impressive list (with click-able links to images) of United States presidents—eventual, current, or past—photographed by Hugh Morton:

Two notes: the photograph of President Bush may be an asterisk.  Morton received the Roosevelt Award for Conservation from the president that day.  If he is the person onstage behind the president who is mostly obscured, then someone made the photograph.

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