Unidentified UNC fan

Unknown UNC fan in the stands at the 11/23/57 Duke-UNC football game at Wallace Wade Stadium. His buttons read, “Beat Dook! Let’s Go Tar Heels” and “I Told You So.”

1 thought on “Unidentified UNC fan

  1. I was intrigued by the Reed story so during my late lunch I was reading through the Daily Tar Heel and The Alumni Review, which at that time had a weekly football edition. As I was closing the bound volume, I saw this picture (cropped) on the very last page with the caption, “Alumnus Ike Grainger.” Morton sent in the photograph of “his former Wilmington fellow citizen, Ike B. Grainger, Jr. ’41 (now a hosiery executive in Burlington), in a moment of ecstacy [sic] late in the Duke-Carolina game.” Serendipity strikes again!

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