Fred Kirby as the Tweetsie Marshal posing with boys including Jim Morton, July 1959

2 thoughts on “Fred Kirby as the Tweetsie Marshal posing with boys including Jim Morton, July 1959

  1. This photo with Fred Kirby is a new one on me. Other than myself (in shorts), I recognize Norman Cocke (left), Bill Cocke (second on left), and Peter Pottle (right).

    Fred Kirby was a wonderful man. For many years he hosted a WBTV show with Little Rascals episodes, and kids always knew that Fred cared about them.

  2. We used to watch Fred Kirby’s Little Rascals in Charlotte, N.C., on WBTV CHANNEL 3, each and every Sunday after gettin’ home from Sunday School and Church which followed Sunday dinner, and then my Family and I would gather ’round the tv to watch FKLR. After the Little Rascals went off the Sunday movie following was always Tarzan. Fred Kirby could’ve become my Grandfather because my daddy told me, my 3 brothers and one sister that he used to date one of Fred Kirby’s daghters named Margert Kirby, but that wasn’t meant to be. Later on my daddy met and married my mama and guess what her first mame was? Margaret, of course! When mama and daddy would take us to Tweetsie Railroad yet each time we went after that FK used to tell us about daddy datin’ his daughter Margaret and we may’ve become his grands, and even after I grew I’d take my children to TRR, he’d tell my children that they could’ve been his grand children and they enjoyed his stories about my daddy Jack Sharpe who dated his daughter Margaret. Every time we saw FK in public, or at the Auto Bell Car Wash at 101 S. Independence Blvd., or the one further out on Hwy. 74, deep Independence he never, ever failed to recognize or remember who we were and even though we really weren’t a part of his immediate Family, he always made us feel as if we were. It’s nice to know and remember that he could’be become my Grandfather and a Great Grandfather to me and my children and even though he’s gone to be with our Lord and Savior, “JESUS CHRIST”, I still have very fond memories of a sweet and kind, yet a friendly and gentle man who’ll be rembered by me and thousands of others in the local Charlotte viewing area for eons to come. May “GOD” continue to Bless the Fred Kirby Family on all sides. FK is and will always be remembered and thought of and Loved Dearly and Fondly forever and ever in our home. I’m 56 now and I’m passin’ all this along to our children and this will insure and inspire them with his memory as well for generations to come. With Dearest Wishes to the Kirby’s and “GOD’ Bess you all, Jackie Sharpe McPherson… *P.S., Our phone number is: (704)713-6278. Once again, Jackie McPherson…

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