9 thoughts on “Unidentified celebrities at the Azalea Festival, Wilmington, NC, ca. early 1950s

  1. I think the lady in the fur coat is Kathryn Grayson, movie star and North Carolina native. You might check to see if she was ever Azalea Queen.

  2. You’re right, Ron. Grayson was Queen in 1957. I thought the man next to her might be her husband, so I did some searching — no luck on the ID, but I did see on her Wikipedia bio that “throughout the 1950’s, she carried on an affair with mogul Howard Hughes, and was briefly engaged to him.”

  3. The young lady in the white sweater looks like Debbie Reynolds and the man between her and Grayson is also a movie star but I can’t remember his name.

  4. The man between the two women is Dale Robertson, star of the TV series “Tales of Wells Fargo” (1950’s, I think) and various western movies.

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  6. Debbie Reynolds, Kathryn Grayson and Dale Robertson sound right to me; I guess Azalea Festival archives could clear that up. What excited me was that at first glance I spotted my mother (Ruth Tillman James) in the white sweater and my father (Elbert James) in the hat. 99% sure of both! We lived in Wilmington at that time (if it’s ’57). But where was I? (at age 2)…home with “Granny”, I guess!

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