Edward McCauley photo of Paul “Hard Rock” Simpson, 1950

Edward McCauley photo of Paul “Hard Rock” Simpson, 1950

Burlington resident Paul “Hard-Rock” Simpson completes his annual birthday marathon (Burlington to Greensboro and back) in 1950; P082_1.1_50_0722, in the Edward J. McCauley Photographic Materials #P082, North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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  1. When I was a young child, Hard Rock was our postman. Every day, regardless of the weather or how busy he was, he always gave us children a stick of Fruit Striped gum as he ran along his route. What a great memory this brings to mind!

  2. I remember seeing Hardrock running his route when I was child. He didn’t care if we ran along with him for as long as we could. He was quite a man.

  3. In the mid 50’s I lived on the corner of Main St and St. John in Burlington with my grandmother; Mr Simpson would deliver the mail. Many times I would run out to meet him and ask him to tell me a joke–he always did. With a big grin, I might add. I had heard the story of the horse many times growing up. By the way, I also got my haircut at Wilson Barber Shop (see T-shirt), Carl Wilson was my mother’s cousin.

  4. I lived in Roxboro in the 1950’s and visited my cousins in Burlington frequently. I remember seeing him delivering mail on Rauhut St. at my aunt’s house and at other times running down the street when running was not popular. I lived on NC 49 in Roxboro when about 10 yrs old and saw him run by in front of my house and return to Burlington. Never forgot it. He was a legend even at that time.

  5. I remember seeing Mr. Simpson running in front of my Father’s garage (Jones Garage) in Haw River when I was younger. I asked my Father who that was and he said “that is Hardrock Simpson”. He said he added 1 mile to his run each year for his birthday.

  6. In the late 70’s weird to a Lakeside Ave in Burlington. Mr. And Mrs. Simpson lived just one road behind us. They attended my fathers church. I love the memories of him running every where.

  7. I remember seeing him run past Haw river going from Gibsonville NC to Burlington . A long time ago. in the 50s .

  8. Paul “Hard Rock” Simpson was my great grandfather. I have so many memories of running with him on parts of his mail rout, riding through town in his sky blue Cadillac, hearing people call out, “Hey, Hard Rock!” But mostly, I remember walking into the living room and seeing him sitting in his big green easy chair with his big black bible in his lap, that is my most cherished memory of my Grandpa Simpson.

  9. I was a student of Mrs Simpson in the 50`s. She was a very kind woman and good teacher. I REMEMBER Hard rock running his route and running around our school ballgames in Graham. Quite a man.

  10. he is my great great grandfather, I always heard the story about the horse, a great man.

  11. I saw Hardrock Simpson running around Memorial Stadium Greensboro during a Carolina League double header, around 1952. In later years I picked up running and marveled at his accomplishments. I always wondered what kind of running shoes he used in those earlier years, given the relatively comfortable ones of the seventies, eighties and nineties.

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