2 thoughts on “Fiddler and young guitarist playing on front porch, circa 1960s

  1. This is Shoner and his grandson, Randall Calloway, “follerin along” on the porch of the Gene Penland cabin at the edge of Toe River just west of Newland. Randall related that he and Shoner had entertained Governor Hodges at this cabin. I don’t know if this is that particular time, but it could be, since Hugh was there.

  2. Hi – Interesting photos featuring fiddler Shoner Benfield. I don’t think he is featured in any of the pictures, but… does anyone know if Mr. Shoner had a son… Shoner Benfield, Jr. In speaking with a fiddler who used to work with the Stanley Brothers in the 1940s and ’50s, he remembered a young guitar player by the name of Shoner Benfield who attended one of their shows in Spruce Pine, North Carolina (sometime between 1949 and 1951). I’d be curious to know anything about the younger Shoner Benfield. Thanks…

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