4 thoughts on “Unidentified wood carver and banjo player, circa 1980s-1990s

  1. These Gentlemen pictured here are two of Grandfather Mountains local faces whom have been around for years. The woodcarver on the left of the picture is Tom Wolfe who has a woodcarving shop inside the attraction of Grandfather Mountain. The Banjo player is a man named Floyd Gragg who for years have sold Jams and Jellies as well as Honey to tourist alongside Hwy US-221 just past the maintenance field of Grandfather mountain. Both of these men are icons to the scenic beauty of the Mountain.

  2. I confirm Matt Gragg’s identification of these two men. Floyd Gragg is not only an accomplished banjo player but is competent on the fiddle and guitar as well.

  3. I don’t think “competent” is quite a strong enough word to describe Floyd’s fiddle playing. He is an incredible fiddler

  4. If your in doubt about whom these fellas are why not take a ride up the mountain and visit Mr. Tom Wolfe at his woodcarving shop and ask him!

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