Egg Nog

This holiday season, don’t settle for store-bought egg nog. Make your own, the way they used to in eighteenth-century North Carolina. We found this recipe in William Attmore’s Journal of a Tour to North Carolina, 1787 (James Sprunt Historical Publications vol. 17 no. 2., 1922, pp. 42-43):

Tuesday, December 25. This Morning according to North Carolina custom we had before Breakfast, a drink of EGG NOG, this compound is made in the following manner: In two clean Quart Bowls, were divided the Yolks and whites of five Eggs, the yolks & whites separated, the Yolks beat up with a Spoon, and mixt up with brown Sugar, the whites were whisk’d into Froth by a Straw Whisk till the Straw wou’d stand upright in it; when duly beat, the Yolks were put to the Froth; again beat a long time; then half a pint of Rum pour’d slowly into the mixture, the whole kept stirring the whole time till well incorporated.

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  1. In the Dec 12 entry in Mr Attmore’s journal, he notes his introduction to Mr Stephen Cambreleng in Washington NC. That was my great-great-grandfather, earlier of the Canary Islands and the father of Churchill Cambreleng, former US Minister Plenipotentiary (Ambassador) to Russia and US Congressman from Brooklyn. The old egg nog recipe traveled to me through 3 different bloodlines. I had some this morning. Merry Christmas.

    Stephen Cambreleng Cowper

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