North Carolina Festival for the Book

The schedule for the North Carolina Festival for the Book, coming to Duke this spring, is an impressive one. The festival, formerly the North Carolina Literary Festival, is a biennial event that rotates between Duke, North Carolina State, and UNC. The four-day event highlights North Carolina authors and readers, but will also bring in nationally-known writers including Tom Wolfe, Barbara Kingsolver, Pat Conroy, and Roy Blount, Jr.

2 thoughts on “North Carolina Festival for the Book”

  1. Will the NC Festival of the Book be held this spring? I attended the 2006 festival on Duke’s campus, but I have not found any further information for this year. I understand it takes place during alternating years between the three or four campuses involved. Is that true?

  2. The North Carolina Literary Festival will return, just a year later than scheduled. The UNC University Library will host the festival in 2009.

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