Guns and Lightning

The one thing missing from our fine local newspapers these days is a good social column. We found these items in the “Local News” section of the Watauga Democrat from June 29, 1893:

Master Tommy Hine has proved himself quite an efficient young Nimrod. The long looked for day arrived when he was permitted to fire his first gun. Behold the result! The first five shots he brought down four ground squirrels and a weasel. Of course he is very much pleased over his success, which is wonderful for so small a boy.

If the threat of eagle-eyed Tommy Hine on the prowl wasn’t enough to keep you indoors, then the weather certainly would:

Some days ago during a heavy thunder storm Jerry Lenoir (col) who lives near the residence of Mr. J.F. Spainhour, had two fine hogs killed by lightning. During the same storm a telephone post near M.B. Blackburn’s was torn to pieces and the widow Moody, who lives two miles west of town, lost a cow from the same cause.