Historical Markers Online

Graham's Fort Historic Marker

Our friends at the North Carolina Office of Archives & History have just released an impressive new website at http://ncmarkers.com. The site taps into a database of information about the North Carolina Historical Marker Program — those black and silver signs scattered along highways around the state denoting historic people and events. Users of the new site can search by keyword, browse by county or subject, and, in many cases, see a picture of the actual sign and read a short essay giving more information on the topic.

You’ll find this site especially handy if, like me, you’ve found yourself so caught up in reading one of the historic markers that you nearly drifted into oncoming traffic. Now that I know I can find the text online later, I’ll keep both eyes on the road.

2 thoughts on “Historical Markers Online”

  1. Well, Nick, I’m glad to know that our website is making the roads a little safer!
    It is still a work in progress–of the almost 1500 state markers, we have essays for about 1/2. That leaves us with alot of essays to write yet. We are regularly adding new photos, as well.
    Soon, there will be an interactive map feature using GIS to plot all of the markers–so that is something else to watch for–possibly by the end of the year.
    Now, for the sign selected—an ancestor of yours?

  2. Thank you for posting this information. I like this database already as I think it will help add some contextual info for people doing their family histories like myself. I have many family from the Ft. Barnwell area and I was able to find the sign for Ft. Barnwell and post about it on my blog!

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