Claymania in the NCC

Just in case you had the impression that the North Carolina Collection was nothing more than a collection of dry, historical tomes, I want to point out that with the recent acquisition of Out of the Blue: “Clay” it Forward: How One Man & His Fans are Changing the World, we now hold seven titles on Clay Aiken.

I did a quick survey of other popular culture figures in the collection and found 23 titles on Dale Earnhardt, 30 on the Andy Griffith Show, and an impressive 82 titles about Michael Jordan. But it’s not all fun and games: we do have dry, historical tomes, too.

One thought on “Claymania in the NCC”

  1. I think it’s great that Dale, Andy, Michael and Clay are included. They are, after all, famous and successful Tar Heels!

    Thanks for the update.

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