Poetry from the Big Rigs

Drivin 'N Dreaming

If you’re looking to start a book collection, but are having trouble finding the right niche to specialize in, I’ve got just the thing: trucker poetry. I stumbled across what appears to be the North Carolina Collection’s sole title in this genre, Rotha Dawkins’s Driving ‘N Dreaming (Your Treasure Publications, 2001). Dawkins is the author of the popular trucker romances Red High Heels and Red High Heels II.

I checked WorldCat to see if anything else would show up under the subject heading “Truckers — Poetry,” and sure enough, there were four more titles: Trucker’s Life, by Daren Flynn (Vantage Press, 1997); Driver: Sixteen Gears and Lonely, by Joe Walsh (Violin Roads Press, 1987); Soft Slow Motion by Dixie Schnell (Turnaround, 2001; and The Road Leads North: A Collection of Poems of the North Country Through an Alaskan Trucker’s Eyes, by Robert D. Birt (R.D. Birt, 1989). With all that time on the open road to contemplate and compose, it’s no wonder that some of these folks are starting to commit their thoughts to verse.

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