This being Groundhog Day, wouldn’t it be a fine time to tune up your dulcimer and belt out a mountain classic? The old folk song “Groundhog” has been recorded by a number of people, including Merle Travis, Doc Watson, and Washboard Sam. In case the lyrics have slipped your mind, here they are:

Get up your guns and call up your dogs;
Going to the mountains to catch a

Two in a stump and one in a log;
Don’t I wish I had a dog –

Yonder comes Sal with a snigger and a grin,
With groundhog grease all over her chin –

Yonder comes Sal with a great long pole
To punch that groundhog out of his hole –

Joe, go tell Ma to get the gun and come,
‘Cause that groundhog got me by the thumb –

These lyrics were taken from a version of the song sung by Nathan Hicks of Sugar Grove, N.C. in 1933 and published in the book Beech Mountain Folk-Songs and Ballads (Schirmer, 1936). I have a feeling that they won’t be serenading Sir Walter Wally with this one today.

One thought on “Groundhog”

  1. My favorite verse is:
    “Eat the meat and save the skin
    Stretch it tight on the banjo rim”
    Any animal that makes a good banjo is okay by me.
    I’d better start practicing.

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